Our annual fundraising campaign has started!

Wikimedia Canada is a non-profit organization. We are committed to the growth, development and distribution of free knowledge in Canada. In 2023, your donations helped us fund scholarships, editathons, and other actions to support the Wiki Movement and open knowledge initiatives across the country. Our actions are made possible by donors like you.

Your continued support allows us to:

1 – Empower and support volunteers & WikiClubs in Canada who contribute to Wikimedia projects.

2 – Foster free knowledge initiatives originating from and related to Indigenous communities, while also facilitating the establishment, growth, and enrichment of Wikimedia projects in Indigenous languages.

3 – Contribute to the production of free knowledge on Wikimedia projects in French.

4 – Improve the representation of minority and underrepresented groups and topics, as well as elevate the quality of content that address high-impact topics.

5 – Bring together organizations to foster the open knowledge ecosystem.

6 – Continue to bring knowledge to millions of users, for free.

Donations to Wikimedia Canada are tax-deductible, as a receipt will be sent to you afterwards.