Wikimedia Canada announces its new Board of Directors

Wikimedia Canada is pleased to announce the results of the vote held during its Annual Members’ Meeting on May 25, 2024. During the meeting, a new Board of Directors was elected. The Board of Directors, made up of recognized experts and promising new talents, reflects our commitment to diversity and our determination to pursue the organization’s mission.

This year, five seats were up for election for two-year terms.
Michael David Miller was re-elected Director and elected President after serving as Vice-President  for the past four years.
Hélène Ouellet was re-elected Director and Secretary.
Catherine Bernier and Thérèse Ottawa were re-elected as Directors.
Pierre-Luc Joncas, co-opted by the Board in October 2023, was elected Director.

In addition, two Board members have chosen to assume new roles this year: Étienne Beaulé, previously a Director, becomes Vice-President, and Ha-Loan Phan, President  of Wikimedia Canada since 2022, takes on the role of Director. Sarah Severson remains a Director. Benoit Rochon remains a non-voting member as Immediate Past President .

At the Board meeting on April 6, 2024, Jennyfer Jacques was appointed Treasurer by the Board of Directors.

Our warmest congratulations go to the newly elected board members. Their commitment and dedication to the Wikimedia movement are invaluable assets to our organization. We would also like to thank all the members who attended the Annual General Meeting and who continue to support our association in its mission.