This summer, refresh your Wikimedia knowledge

A lot of people are more familiar with Wikipedia than Wikimedia. So, what is exactly Wikimedia? Over the past few weeks, we shared a series of videos on social media to refresh your Wiki knowledge—the Wiki Minute videos!
Can you trust what’s on Wikipedia? What does the Wikimedia Foundation do? What free knowledge projects does this foundation supports? These short videos, created by the Wikimedia Foundation, are a great way to (re)discover the Wikimedia universe.

Did you know?

While everyone can edit Wikipedia, thousands of volunteers are actively working to make sure that all the information is accurate and comes from reliable sources! Wikipedia is updated 350 times a minute, and each of these edits must meet the standards of neutrality and reliability.

On Wikipedia, women, indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ communities, people with disabilities, are often underrepresented—in 2022, only 20% of all biographies on English Wikipedia were about women. Thankfully, Wikimedians organize initiatives focusing on these communities. For example, an Edit-a-thon on Edmonton’s Queer History was organized by two users this spring; this event was supported by Wikimedia Canada.

Wikipedia is only one of the 13 open-source projects dedicated to free knowledge supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. There’s Wiktionary, WikiNews… For example, our project “100 Years of Environment and Climate Change Canada Weather Data in Commons” uses Commons, Wikipedia, and WikiData; and you can read more about it on Meta-Wiki !

Videos are available in English and French voice-overs and subtitles.
Credit: Wikimedia Foundation CC BY-SA 3.0