Wikimedia Canada is looking for a treasurer

Wikimedia Canada is seeking an experienced Treasurer to join its Board of Directors. The Treasurer must be familiar with the financial accounting of non-profit and charitable organizations. They are responsible for overseeing accounting procedures and reporting.
The Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Start date: Spring 2024
Term of office: 2 years
The candidate appointed to the position of Treasurer must be bilingual.

Compensation, if any: No financial compensation is paid to members of the Wikimedia Canada Board of Directors.
Application deadline: March 15, 2024
Documents to submit: Letter of interest and resume
Contact person: Louis Germain – Executive Director

Responsibilities :
● Guarantee the transparency of the association’s financial operations.
● Ensure that accounting procedures are compliant and that WMCA’s financial obligations are met, including but not limited to tax reporting.
● Review expense approval policies as required.
● Verify cash flow (memberships, donations, expenses, expense reimbursements, investments, salaries, etc.) and manage related risks.
● Participate in the preparation of the budget and forecasts with the Executive Director.
● Advise the Board of Directors and the Executive Director on the association’s financial management.
● Attend Board meetings.