Wikimedia Canada is counting on your support to carry out its mission!

Wikimedia Canada is part of a worldwide movement1 called the “Wikimedia Movement” which aims to make human knowledge freely available through the Wikimedia projects, the best known of which is Wikipedia. Your donations will help fund our activities and ensure the sustainability of our programs. 
Since 2010, Wikimedia Canada has been dedicated to supporting Wikimedia projects to assist engaged and supportive communities. Wikimedia Canada’s mission is to support and promote Canadians to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in all languages of Canada, including Indigenous languages, under a free licence or in the public domain.

Why donate directly to Wikimedia Canada?

In Canada, there are two ways to donate to the Wikimedia movement: 

First, you can make your donation directly to Wikimedia Canada. By doing so, you help support our projects and ensure their success. You are also contributing to our mission to increase access to free and open knowledge. Donations to Wikimedia Canada are tax-deductible as a receipt will be sent to you afterwards.

You can also make your donation to the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), through the banner you will see on Wikipedia. When you make a donation to the WMF based in the United States, your donation is used for the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and you can receive a tax-deductible receipt only if you are American or if you have assets in the United States. You also contribute to the maintenance of the servers. 

From now on, you know that you have two options for supporting Canadian projects: either by donating to the Foundation or by donating directly to Wikimedia Canada.

Thank you for your generosity in favor of free knowledge!

1Since 2011, Wikimedia Canada is an officially recognized chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.